Kato Kaelin

Laverne, Shirley, beer and Kato are four of the most famous things to come out of Milwaukee, WI.  Who else do you know that has had questions about them on Jeopardy, Celebrity Name Game, Who wants to be Millionaire, and The Weakest Link? The answer?  Kato. He has developed a comfortable and cozy clothing line called SLACKER. It's InActive wear for men and women. It has been featured on EVERY major TV show from Entertainment Tonight to Access Hollywood to Larry King proclaiming "I Love Kato's Slackers". You can find them at:  slackerwear.com
Kato host Sports Haters on Dish network Saturday night where he pushes the envelope until he gets paper cuts. Discovery ID is where he will be seen next doing "man in the street" segments called Kato's Korner. The past four years Kato has emceed WIZARD WORLD, the worlds largest traveling comic con. Kato has also been featured on numerous television shows as current as Celebrity Big Brother 2022.  Ice Wars will be airing all over the world starting April 2022 with Kato as producer. It’s the UFC on ice with Hockey fights.
We are sooo excited to bring THE Master to the Ceremony!! Hop on the K-Train with us and welcome Kato to Kingdoms, Clans and Swords 'n Shields!