April 26-28, 2024

Get Ye to KiCaSS : RenKon

Hark, and be transported into the whimsical realm of RenKon, where history and the present day engage in a grandiose face-off! Envision a Renaissance Faire and a gathering of devoted fans convening for a swanky indoor soirée – lo, that's RenKon in its essence. Fear not the rain, for it shall not dampen this merriment!

Yet, behold the pièce de résistance: the fan unKonvention, the resplendent jewel of our grand revelry! 'Tis a celebration of the now whilst indulging in the glories of yore. We extend a hearty welcome to the most talented actors and actresses from your cherished historical TV shows, such as Outlander, The Last Kingdom, The Tudors, Knightfall, Vikings Valhalla, and The Winter King. Immerse thyself in their worlds, draw nigh to meet them in person, secure thyself autographs, and witness the transformation of your beloved tomes into living tales. It is akin to a carnival of epic proportions, a veritable journey through time itself! 🎉🌟